Month: June 2019

Good Leadership Makes Itself Unnecessary

Leadership no longer means command and control. It is no privilege, but rather a service. And this service is to empower and enable people to lead themselves independently in the sense of the whole and thereby make those people successful. The transformation to new leadership necessarily begins with the individual and his assumptions about human nature. But this transformation inevitably irritates the organization and its culture. This new understanding of leadership, as described in the Manifesto for Human(e) Leadership, will be dismissed as laziness, incompetence or irresponsibility, as it aims at making itself unnecessary and thus challenges the grasping and sometimes frantic activity of traditional management.

The Agile Counterfeiters on Their Way to Cargo Cult Hell

Anyone who imitates Spotify or introduces SAFe or obtains imitated or falsified agile frameworks and disseminates them as best practice will be punished with futile ritual practices of not less than 20 hours per week and employee. The way into the agile cargo cult hell is well paved with best practices, blueprints and frameworks and is bordered by billboards saying: “Don’t invent the wheel again!” Agility, however, is less a question of methods than of principles and stance.

Discipline Beyond Obedience

Children are awesome. And sometimes they are an awesome challenge. To be honest, our two daughters are this every single day – more than once. Young children in particular express their insatiable desire for self-determination without restraint. Especially when we as parents, for good reasons or because time is pressing, want to control them and demand obedience. However, they react to our threats and manipulation attempts all the more rigorously with refusal, the more forcefully we put these forward. This is exhausting, but in essence also very good, because the point is not obedience and subordination, but rather personal responsibility and (self-)discipline – neither when it comes to bringing up children nor in other leadership situations.

In Titanic’s Ballroom

Several so called agile transformations ultimately end with people dancing rock ‘n’ roll instead of a slow waltz in Titanic’s ballroom and some beautifully decorated deckchairs. And even if it’s sometimes at least the engine room where rock ‘n’ roll is danced, it neither changes the course nor it increases responsiveness and adaptability.