Month: August 2019

The Crux of Meetings

Just like T., the protagonist in last week’s fragment of my novel “On the Handrail into the Decision-Making Circle”, many people are confronted with the same situation several times a day: they spend a significant part of their working day in meetings, the usefulness of which—to put it mildly—is questionable. And although these meetings cause considerable costs, only a few take the trouble to critically question the culture of meetings (and thereby the cult of presence). But there are also some inspiring examples of how these omnipresent meeting orgies can be contained.

On the Handrail into the Decision-Making Circle – The Application

So, a position in the corporation after all? For him, this was his first real application ever. He previously never had to apply formally, it always happened somehow. One just knew each other. He absolutely needed a cover letter, that’s important for the HR department, according to the Internet. So that one stands out from the crowd and is not immediately sorted out.

The Court Jester at the Touchline

Servant leadership in general and the misunderstood role of the Scrum Master in particular is mostly underestimated. The effect of this kind of leadership is rather indirect; like a gardener it creates good conditions for successful cooperation. If a Scrum Master, like a football coach, stands only at the touchline during a match, his contribution is easily overlooked. So sooner or later Scrum Masters will be offered “real” work, i.e. the coach will simply be brought in. And those who are not well aware of their actual task and who are trying to avoid conflict will accept this work with gratitude. The much more important long-term work on the system and the continuous improvement of the organization are left behind, but nobody notices this anymore, because everyone is busy with “real” work.