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A Brief History of Digitalization

Digitalization: Hardly any other buzzword has been used so much in recent years. And as so often with buzzwords, their utilization is inversely proportional to their understanding. Everything is somehow connected with digitalization, but it is not clear what this digitalization is all about. Of course, it has something to do with computers and computing power. However, it cannot be that alone, as computers have been around for too long. A decisive aspect of digitalization is networking. Smartphones made digital devices suitable for everyday use and networking the standard. And this increasingly dense network of ever more powerful and ubiquitous computers is the bedrock for platforms that will then eventually disrupt tried-and-tested rather analog business models.

Social Media Icons on a Smartphone

Employee Advocacy: Word of Mouth in the Digital Age

Many organizations struggle to deal in a positive way with social media. Internally, a lot of the potential of networking in an enterprise social network is still untapped and externally, the use of social media is in many cases limited to the distribution of press releases via the official channels of the organization. In most cases, employees are significantly more experienced in this field than their employer. Digital natives, in particular, inhabit this virtual public space quite naturally as private persons and get involved on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. That is what it is and cannot be avoided or banned. So how should the organization deal with this?