Category: Digitalization

Just Sitting Here

What do humans do when they do noth­ing? They think about their social life. So what hap­pens when all idle­ness is more and more clev­er­ly sup­pressed by the atten­tion econ­o­my and its apps on the smart­phone? About the anti­so­cial side effects of the unin­ter­rupt­ed dis­trac­tion through social media.

Digital Minimalism: Less is More

We did­n’t sign up for the dig­i­tal lives we now lead. Tech­nol­o­gy is seduc­ing us in a per­fid­i­ous way, hijack­ing our atten­tion. Cal New­port offers a counter-pro­pos­al with his phi­los­o­phy of “Dig­i­tal Min­i­mal­ism”.

Crisis as an Opportunity

Despite the pre­scribed and advised spa­tial dis­tance, peo­ple move clos­er togeth­er and show more inter­est and under­stand­ing for each oth­er. If we could pre­serve this for the time after the Coro­na pan­dem­ic and do not imme­di­ate­ly fall back into old pat­terns, much would be gained.