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The Year That Was, 2018 – A Review in Words and Pictures

We live in times in which “many things have changed and change faster and faster”, as the time researcher Karl-Heinz Geißler so aptly put it. 2018 was an exciting year, and it passed very quickly. So it is high time for a big thank you to my readers and my companions analog and digital for the vibrant exchange and the inspiring discussion. And it is time for a brief review of this year’s topics, which more or less revolved around the two focal points of agility and agile transformation on the one hand and human – or better: humane – leadership on the other.

Resolutions 2018: More mindfulness, leisure and focus

There is no doubt that the year 2017 was a challenging one. Although my new motto “Rebel without a pause” was only meant as an allusion to the James Dean classic “Rebel without a cause”, it is a good summary of the past year. Pauselessly (and sometimes breathlessly) in action for the family with our two fortunately very lively girls on the one hand and the agile transformation of BMW Group IT on the other hand, briefly interrupted by the posting here in the blog (yes, this can also be done on the smartphone while you are waiting for the daughter to fall asleep) and the discussions on Twitter, LinkedIn (and this is also possible in the meantime) and our internal Enterprise Social Network (also incidentally, of course). Rainer Janssen recently remarked on LinkedIn that “without a pause” is thought-provoking, because “it takes time to keep one’s own mind agile, creative and empathetic”. I can only agree with that and I will strive for more mindfulness, leisure and focus for the year 2018.