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The Art of Ambidexterity

We are experiencing a world in which it is “normal that many things are changing and are changing more quickly than ever”, as Karl-Heinz Geißler so aptly put it. The perceived or real speed of life increases daily driven by fascinating and sometimes frightening technological developments from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain. This is exerting enormous pressure on companies to change and innovate. The half-life of products and business models is becoming shorter and shorter. This means that companies have to reinvent themselves over and over again and at ever shorter intervals in order to survive. In addition to the efficiency and profitability that are always in the focus of today’s business, it must become the second nature of long-term viable companies to boldly explore new opportunities and constantly test new business models. But precisely because today’s urgent business tends to displace the important exploration of tomorrow’s business, the sixth and final thesis in the Manifesto for Human Leadership says: “Courageously exploring the new over efficiently exploiting the old.”