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The Customer-Vendor Anti-Pattern

One of the four main propositions of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development is “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”. And then one principle behind the manifesto say: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” This notion of the customer unfortunately often leads to what Jeff Patton calls the customer-vendor anti-pattern. Especially in large organizations with their own IT departments, this pattern occurs when the Product Owner understands his role as a representative of internal customers and submits requirements to the Development Team for implementation. Understanding customers and their needs is important, but it is only one aspect to make a product successful and exactly that is the task of the product owner. In order to cover all aspects, the Product Owner must not be an ingenious and lonesome decision-maker and not be unilaterally associated with the business, but rather the leader of a team of experts who together take responsibility for the sustainable development of a successful product.