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Lead like a Gardener

The military is often cited as an example and blueprint for hierarchical organizations. With good reason, because in the course of industrialization, many companies were indeed inspired by the organization of the military. And quite a number of companies are still managed with command and order today. It is often forgotten that the military, especially in complex and ambiguous situations – and these are becoming more and more – has long been relying on the speed and effectiveness of autonomy and self-organization.

Leadership is about making others successful

There are more than enough leadership philosophies. Some of them are clear and understandable, others are rather a loose series of common catchwords. Since leadership has to do with people, leadership philosophies always provide insight into the respective conception of man. Sundar Pichai has found a very concise and positive philosophy for himself and Google, which should inspire many on the way to New Work: Leadership is about making others successful.