A Big Little Miracle

The new decade could not have started better. After Marie and Ella, our lives were blessed with another big little miracle last night. Overwhelmed, speechless and incredibly proud I look at our little Valentin and simply say: Kathrin, I love you!

Whoever says there are seven wonders in this world has never experienced the birth of a child. Whoever says wealth is everything has never seen a child smile. Whoever says that this world can no longer be saved has forgotten that children mean hope.

Honoré de Balzac
Welcome, Valentin!

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Awesome, congratulations to you, Kathrin, your daughters and son. The quote is really relevant these days, even for those of us who don’t have children. It reminds us that as Leaders, even in times of economic reductions or transformation of an industry, we must not forget that our focus is on enabling the generations younger than ourselves to learn and achieve their dreams/passions. In doing so we help our companies to do the same. Not the other way around.

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